Please read this entire text, yes? This page is one of the most visited on this site. Like everything else on this site, this page is here only to invite you to know and read the books of my authorship in CCDB Livros section of this site. The site itself is sustained by the purchasing of reading time by people who honor me, reading the books in CCDB Livros - if CCDB Livros did not exist, there would not be this site and you would not have at your disposal which it offers to download for free: poetry, animation, music, movies, files, samples, thousands of illustrations, security, Virtual Private Server (VPS) speed and more. If you like this page, do not forget to visit CCDB Livros, where you will see complete, objective and easy exposure on reading, including short films with statements very simple to understand and remember. Only in CCDB Livros you can read the books I wrote. These books go beyond all that I created earlier in the life as a craftsman, musician, writer and electronics technician - which includes the Guitarras de Ouro (Golden Guitars), the famous Speaker Enclosures, the audio devices, the Mutantes (Brazilian Greatest Rock Group of All Times) and anything else for which you believe to know me. The sonority of reading the book “Géa” surpasses the legendary sound of the Golden Guitars! If you think I deserve to be really known; if you read, like, want to promote Brazil and our magnificent language, please disclose CCDB Livros and the books! In Leitura Ecológica (Ecological Reading) ® we does not kill trees to read online. The books open at once, no need to download them or take up space on your computer. The dictionary Livro Treze (Book Thirteen) online, exclusive of “Géa”, is the result of several years of my full-time job and contains over thirty thousand entries - the lexicon in “Géa” is double that of William Shakespeare in all its work and six times that of Camões in “The Lusiads” - and that is not the “only” thing why “Géa” excels! To create the first two Golden Guitars I worked eight months; to create “Géa”, eight years. For the Livro Treze (Book Thirteen) “Géa”, five more years. In total the work and its dissemination, several decades. I ask you! Appreciate the work of a Brazilian! Read!!!

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I, Cláudio César Dias Baptista, author of the book “Géa”, AUTHORIZE the publication of any image which are inside and in the covers of the books of my authorship. These images are FREE for publishing in any media, if mentioned the source (

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Géa on the English Wikipedia

Cláudio César Dias Baptista on the English Wikipedia

Dear Publisher: here are the English pages specially created for you, about the greatest literary (or the greatest written) opus of all times! - the only Brazilian books which are a great success even before they are published in printed paper!

All the books offered in this site to the publisher are unpublished in printed paper; but are already published by the author here in his own site (, to be read on-line in CCDB Livros section.


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Ky dança a Sinfonia em roKy - ©CCDB 2015 all from one author: history, book, symphony, coreography and computer graphics animation.

Ky dances Proust Remembered - entirely in English, this page presents the link for downloading to your computer the great video animation “Ky dances Proust Remembered” by CCDB with the character of his book “Géa”, the ballerina Ky, dancing with the ghost of Nysio Degan! This is by far the most downloaded video on this site ever! FULL HD 1920x1080!

“” - a new domain of CCDB!

Cláudio César Dias Baptista in the English Wikipedia

Géa in the English Wikipedia

CCDB - his books and his purpose - in English

Minimum Summary of the Opus Géa

Garden of Notes - um filme de Jeff McCarty (página em português)

Garden of Notes - a film by Jeff McCarty (page in English)

The first Mutante - by Marconi Ricciardi

What is Géa?

To all Editors (important matter about publishing, also with some translations from the opus Géa)

When Géa is filmed

The Book Thirteen of Géa

Summary of the book named ")que("

Opinions about the book named ")que("

Geínha (an English section of the Main Page especially created about "Geínha". If this section doesn't appear in the top of the screen, wait for the - large - Main Page download completely, than return to this page and click this same link again).

Reportings about my books and previous works (in Portuguese)

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Nem plágio nem coincidência (Not plagiarism nor coincidence) - the most visited page of this site has many English texts from other authors, compared with the Portuguese texts of my books, where there are any similarities - please, note that in ALL cases, these books from other authors were NOT YET read by myself when I wrote the opus Géa.

The kitten Kimê

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My other books (besides the opus Géa - which you will see explained in all this site).

Geínha (written in Portuguese) - this page is in Portuguese

)que( (written in Portuguese) - this page is in Portuguese

CCDB - Gravação Profissional (written in Portuguese) - this page is in Portuguese

We, Mutantes (written directly in English by myself, but NOT offered to be published yet) - this page is in Portuguese


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